Why Does The NMA Need Your Help?

Millions of people affected by asthma suffer needlessly because of lack of information, education, access, and treatment. We say needlessly because help is available, but in order to make certain people know about that help we need your support. Public outreach on a national level is a major undertaking, especially among hard-to-reach populations. In order to implement the National Medical Association's "Asthma Rescue" campaign, we must rely on our membership, on the medical, scientific, and corporate communities and on our friends to assist in supporting this most important endeavor. Your support will help reverse the alarming trends in asthma and allergy occurring in African-American and minority communities across America .


The NMA represents more than 25,000 African-American physicians nationwide, which means our association is uniquely positioned to conduct this outreach effort, and it is an effort that will enhance the quality of life for asthma and allergy patients and decrease incidences of morbidity and mortality in our inner cities.